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The spiraling roller coaster of a semi-formal life.

The chapters of the ride.

You are taught that if you live life in a certain way, you will get certain results. This blog look at the ups and downs of life, the effects of daddy issues and mental health, and how a career can be an education in learning your values and your limits.

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Taking Life Off Hold

My last post was written two years ago after an extremely traumatic event, this was the first in a series of further events which would...

A life on hold

January 2021 Just over a month ago I had a phone call from my Dad, "Your Mother tried to top herself". Translation: my Mum tried to end...

I'm holding back on love

I'm scared to open up. I'm finding it really hard. And I'm curious to know whether it's because I don't know what's right for me anymore,...

Your Voice

You didn’t argue with him, It was only his opinion. If you didn’t let him win, you lost him emotionally. It made me angry, It made me...

The Reset

I needed a reset. The past two years have taken me away from who I grew up as and learned that the world is doesn't align to the rules...

The Journey and the Bubble

Imagine. The British countryside. The middle of nowhere. You see a vastness of fields, the occasional old oak tree, more farm buildings...

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