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The Personal Mission Statement

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

While experiencing the lack of motivation working within an environment which isn't compatible with the way I work, or inspire me in the way I need without understanding why, I have found that I need guidance. That guidance isn't going to come from my boss, or my colleagues as I don't function in the same way, and I'm not motivated in the same ways they are.

For this reason I am working towards a personal journey of leaning on myself. In doing that I feel a personal mission statement provides the opportunity to put into words the values I have, and need to live by to live the life I want.

The current work in progress is as follows:

To empower people in a way that brings then up, to be respectful and act with integrity, and to personally develop continuously year on year.

Each year I look back and reflect on who I was, and I didn't like who I was looking back each time. This is how I know I am continually developing.

On occasion my boss leaves me feeling extremely angry, and I lose respect for him, but I cannot also put my finger on why. This exercise is allowing the opportunity to give a framing to the issue. For example, bringing the team down instead of up, taking amusement from other people's misfortune, and setting me up to fail on tasks I have no experience in without the appropriate and sufficient support.

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